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Nearing Retirement

You have worked hard and accomplished much throughout your working career. You expect to be financially independent within five to ten years, and can already picture what that first day of retirement looks like. It has taken you your entire career to accumulate the funds for your retirement, and you are afraid of making big mistakes that could jeopardize your vision of retirement. At Simply Steward, we help you establish a concrete vision of what retirement looks like to you, and then we provide you with unbiased financial advice for living your retirement dream. 


  • Clarify and set financial and life goals, and provide the support and accountability to reach them
  • Structure an investment portfolio that gives you confidence in meeting your retirement goals
  • Minimize your taxes through proactive tax planning
  • Maximize your Social Security and Medicare benefits
  • Develop a retirement cash flow plan
  • Develop an estate plan that allows you to minimize taxes and ensure a smooth process for your heirs
  • Provide you with financial peace of mind

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