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Planning Solutions That Fit Your Needs

Whether you’re a small business owner, a well-established or young professional we’ve developed two plans to fit your needs and budget.


Steward 360 Financial Planning Package

The Steward 360 plan is a comprehensive, annual agreement where we sit down multiple times throughout the year and look at your entire financial picture and life goals. 

Financial planning is not a one-time product. Good financial planning is an ongoing process. Our 360 plan provides you with unlimited access to an advisor - call, email or come into the office as many times as you need. 

Fees are based on the complexity of your financial situation. In the least complex situations, an initial annual fee would start at $2,000 a year or $500 per quarter with the subsequent year at $1,600 or $400 per quarter. The annual fee will be higher the more complex the situation and services required.


Steward Limited Financial Planning Package

The Steward Limited service is a short-term project for cases where you may have questions or need advice and help regarding a specific situation rather than ongoing planning as provided in the Steward 360 plan. 

For example, you may want to know how to invest your 401k or how much to save and where to save for a child's education. Depending on the complexity and scope of the issue you need help with, we will agree to meet a certain number of times. 

Fees are likely to be between $750 and $2,000 for the Steward Limited, and will vary with the complexity of your situation.

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